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Swiss Wine Promotion – who are we?


The mission of Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP) is to promote the image of Swiss wine at home and abroad. Its activities are designed to help position Swiss wine as a high value-added product, and to increase the creation of added value for the wine industry as a whole. Swiss Wine Promotion is mandated by the Interprofession de la Vigne et du Vin Suisse (IVVS) to manage the marketing, communications, media and image strategy and its implementation.



At the heart of the harvest - what is it?


The annual “At the heart of the harvest” event takes place in autumn, when the grapes in the Swiss vineyards are ready for the barrel. The national event offers the opportunity to experience the grape harvest up close and immerse yourself in the world of winegrowers. In the wine regions of Valais, Vaud, Three Lakes, Geneva and German-speaking Switzerland, participants can actively work in the vines for half a day and learn more about the exciting world of winemaking.

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